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Who We Are

We are a plant based food company producing nutrient dense meat and diary alternatives that taste just like the real thing – our products are so good, it'll make you think It's Beyond Impossible™

Our game changing formulations are sustainable, soy and allergen free and market ready. We are constantly growing and producing new formulas while working towards provisional patents. We aim to become the lowest cost producer and supplier of nutritious plant based foods.

Imagine Foods is backed by science to bring you the healthiest and tastiest plant based alternatives on the market.

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What We Do

We make nutritious plant based meat, chicken, fish and dairy alternatives without fillers, chemicals and vast amounts of sodium.

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Our Mission

Plant Based. Nutritious. Delicious.

We value taste, nutrition and sustainability. We strive to produce the best plant based alternatives backed by science.

We want to take plant based to the next level by creating whole sustainable food products like pizza and cheeseburgers.

Our global go-to-market strategy revolves around licensing our raw formulations to food manufacturers, brands and restaurant chains. Raw ingredients can be shipped globally with no freezer requirement and no specialty kitchen equipment need for final production.

We want consumers to reach for Imagine Foods products not just as meat and dairy alternatives, but because our products are tasty, healthy and sustainable.

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What Makes Us Different?

Rather than have consumers think in terms of meat and dairy products that are not meat or dairy, we want consumers to reach for our products and alternative proteins that are healthy, sustainable and make no compromises on taste.

In the plant based meat space our proprietary formulations incorporate novel proteins and flavours. Unlike incumbents like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, our products can claim no fillers, 100% nutritional ingredients and are soy and allergen free.

We don't use any fillers that have no nutritional value.

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